Saturday, October 31, 2009

17 bbls of Warlord

Brewed up 17 bbls of Warlord IPA on Halloween. Things went pretty smooth. Making beer is fun no matter what scale you are brewing.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

14 bbls of Dead Horse and Ten Gallons of Amarillo Ale

It was a beer filled weekend, but no beer drinkin' weekend for me. Saturday afternoon I set out to brew with Ray and then do some of my own brewing in my basement as well. After making fourteen barrels of Dead Horse IPA out at the brewery on Saturday afternoon, I was too tired to make anymore beer on Saturday evening. Instead, I chose to relaxation knowing full well that there would be another opportunity to brew more beer before my weekend would come to a close.

Monday morning I seized the opportunity and got to it in the basement making ten gallons of my Amarillo Ale. I nailed the gravity and volume on this tried and true recipe. I'm finally building up some momentum in the basement. Hopefully there will be some more beers in the pipeline just in time for the holidays. On a side note Dave Warburton and I dropped of a couple carboys to get filled with cider at Dwight Millers on Monday evening. Fermentation season has returned.