Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's all good

This has been Saul Groovy's mantra for as long as I have known him. Even back in the days when we used to literally butt heads at lacrosse practice in college. All those ground ball drills helped foster a close friendship with my team-mate. Another close friend gave me some great insight yesterday as well. They suggested I do some smiling, I'm usually always smiling anyway but Wednesday would be different. It was a fucking fabulous day!

On a side note Trout advised that Jordan is going to be in town for a visit this weekend, I'm psyched to hang out with him, since we managed to blow off the Burlington moe. show due to Al's tendinitis. At least that's what we told Jordan.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The beer bath

I gave myself a bit of a beer bath last night after I racked 5 gallons of California Common over to a keg so it would be ready to drink by Sunday. After I sealed the keg, and put gas on it, I realized there was the teeniest tiniest bit of beer escaping from the the output valve for my dispensing disconnect. Not thinking I decide to gently push the valve in. and as a result got 28PSI worth of flat beer spurting all over my face. Wow what a rookie move! Chalk that one up to a learning experience.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Namaste' behind the back

I'm still a total newbie when it comes to Yoga. I must say however I do believe I am catching on quick thanks to my sister Pammy for introducing me to this great new pursuit. She has also helped me with some basic meditation as well. This has done wonders for my wellbeing, helping to bring clarity and balance to my mind, soul, and body.
This coupled with my other recent experiences has helped me make some huge strides in my personal development and spiritual growth. I managed somehow last night, to do Namaste' behind my back, yes me with my wrists of inflexibility I managed. Sweet.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Ride

B and I got out on Sunday for a nice road ride. We did the tri-state loop. 32 miles chock full of Cows, and one nuclear reactor. Better watch out for them railroad tracks on 142 heading back into town. It was nice and sunny. Hard to believe this is November. I enjoyed my downtime listening to some Chopin Nocturnes while remaining horizontal on the couch. Almost as nice as a hot tub!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Feeding the addicition

I got out for big turns today at the Mountain. It was my first day back working the ski patrol gig. Conditions were set for a perfect bluebird day. Lots and lot's of turns were made. It ended my near six month hiatus from riding my snowboard. Chute and River Run were open feeding into the North Face. Downloading was required at the end of the day, as there was limited terrain on the front side. Sure beats computer, phone, chair.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The dinner guest

Charmaine came over for dinner last night. Chicken Curry and sauted Kale with onions and garlic were on the menu. It was great to catch up with her, and relate to our similar situations. The girls absolutely love her. It's nice to be able to have a nice dinner complete with a tablecloth and candles again.
Time to ramp up for the holiday dinner in Greenfield Tomorrow. I'm in charge of making the gluten free stuffing again this year, which BTW was all the rage last year. Unfortunately the coop was out of the trademark tapioca bread I normally use. This time we'll get by with the Spelt alternative.
Any of you local readers are welcome to join in for the inaugural Resin Roll Mtn bik ride on Thursday at 8:30am leaving from from the main lot at Living Memorial Park.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Filling the gap

You may notice some posts popping up with odd dates, I'm still working on my posts while I was in Colorado.

The best laid plans of Toddlers and Dads

We didn't get to brew any beer this weekend as originally planned. It's all good since other priorities were bumped up on the list. Winty got fitted for her ski boots, dropped off her Volkl's for a tune-up and picked out a new helmet which she has been wearing non-stop since we left Alpine Traders. She did take the helmet off to go to bed. Now the only thing we need to start off our ski season is some snow.
Exciting isn't it?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Let's make some beer!

I'll freely admit I have been somewhat off the radar as far as my original intent of documenting mostly beer related stuff on this blog. It's all good, since it's my soap box I'll broadcast whatever I see fit.
Iz will be out of town attending a workshop for the entire weekend so aside from a trip to the Montshire Museum the girls and I will attempt another go at the California Common. Yes, my little assistants will be involved in brewing up 10 gallons of pure bliss hopped all the way through with Northern Brewers Hops! The Piney/raisiny taste and aroma has me salivating for one right now.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

These words speak volumes to me

Ever heard a song that simply made you break down and cry? I mean a combination of lyrics and words so powerful that they brought a tear to your eye for no apparent reason.
Here is my short list of music that is guaranteed to make this grown man cry.
Star Spangled Banner- F.S. Key
Amazing Grace- John Newton
Rule Britannia - Thomas Augustine Arne
Morning Dew- B. Dobson

Forgiven- B. Harper
The lyrics to this song are so moving, that I felt compelled to post them. Call me sappy, but These words speak volumes to me.

I will wait like nothing
I have ever waited for
I will catch your tears from falling
Until from my hands they pour
You can leave me abandoned
I'll be here if you want back in
Like the rest I have been branded
Far beneath the skin
So far beneath the skin

You shall be
You shall be
You shall be forgiven
You shall be
You shall be
You shall be forgiven

Here I have been standing
While the time has come and gone
I tried singing to you
But you turned my words to stone
Here I have been waiting
It seems for quite a while
Changed all my reflections
But inside I'm still just a child
But inside still just a child

You shall be
You shall be
You shall be forgiven
You shall be
You shall be
You shall be forgiven

These eyes weren't made for crying
This love wasn't made to waste
These arms weren't made for battle
But to share your warm embrace
But to share your warm embrace

You shall be
You shall be
You shall be forgiven
You shall be
You shall be
You shall be forgiven
You shall be
You shall be
You shall be forgiven
You shall be
You shall be
You... forgiven

Monday, November 13, 2006


The trip home on Sunday from Boulder left me doing much thinking about what my life has become and caused me to re-think what I desire out of this life. I feel transformed in many ways after this weekends multitude of experiences. What I certainly have learned from this trip is that no matter what I'm going to land on me feet, and I'm going to be fine.

To let go is not to regret the past,
but to grow and live for the future.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Friday Night- The Masonic Temple & The Boulderado

We dropped off the libation from Redfish at the Temple, and headed to some crunchy hippy overpriced supermarket to pickup the raw materials to make breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning. Brian's state of the art kitchen complete with a Wolf range and Convection oven was too inviting for me to pass up. Upon returning to Brian's house at 6:00pm we found Rat still in his Pajamas. I guess the combination of flying first class, and elevation mixed with plenty of alcohol took it's toll on him. Mouse and I enjoyed a the Hot tub and then it was off to the Temple for spaghetti dinner.

This dinner for out of town guests set the stage for the wedding party that was to take place on Saturday afternoon. It was great to see Klink's relatives, as well as meet Noreen's friends and family members. The energy flowing in and around the temple was amazing, so much love & joy for this special couple. Post dinner included a trip to the Corner bar at the Boulderado Hotel providing all of us a chance to get to know each other a little better.

A trip to the men's room revealed the ceiling in the lobby of the Boulderado. I remarked to one of Noreen's relatives that the design was truly captivating, so simple in design, yet somehow as mesmerizing as the ceiling of the Buckstaff bathhouse. Mouse, Klink and I would later find ourselves sitting in the lobby in cushy leather chairs under the cantilevered cherry staircase sipping bourbon, staring at the ceiling while reminiscing of days gone by. We eventually hailed Mark a taxi and sent him off to his hotel while Mouse and I retired back to Brian's house for some rest.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday Morning- Hall Ranch Ride

Friday started off with a red eye, some turkey salad, and lot's of H20. I picked a bike out of Brian's cache of Full Suspension rigs, and we all rallied to get out the door for Mark's final Mountain Bike ride as a bachelor. The participants would include Myself, Brian, Biff, Mouse, and naturally Mark. I made certain I was adequately hydrated for this excursion. Visiting at 6500 feet was going to be challenge enough for my sea level lungs. I was pleasantly surprised when Brian rolled out at a very casual pace. A pace that my friend Trout often refers to as the smokers pace. We started climbing immediately out of the parking lot. The trail was buff from the get go, but Brian clearly advised there would be some hiking required. I'm no Trailsin rider, but I can hold my own through nearly all the technical stuff here in Northern New England. The climb was challenging, and yes even required getting off our rigs and carrying them over rocks the size of moguls on a Sunny Spring day at Killington's Outer Limits. With my lungs gasping for more air in this this Oxygen deprived environment I simply could not maintain enough momentum to power over these rocks. We climbed up to a park bench at a plateau where our loop would begin which would include some choice views of Longs peak and Mt. Meeker.

After regrouping we started with a nice twisting descent thru a small stretch of pines, and then another ascent to the bitterbrush trail. From there we looped back around descending on some of the buffest, undulating single track that the front range has to offer. Klink, Biff and I then climbed back up to the Plateau where the park bench was located, and proceeded to punch it down the dual track loaded up with them mogul sized boulders we encountered on the way up. Why is it always easier to descend that burly stuff, then it is to climb it? Gravity is the answer baby! The full suspension rig I was on rolled like butter through the boulders on the descent. I was however forced to dismount at one point when I came to the realization that I had a wedding attend, and I really didn't want to spend the weekend recovering from an injury, when I was supposed to be ripping it up with my old college buddies. I dialed it back, and just enjoyed the view while descending back to the car.

Some of the wildlife encountered on this ride included a heard of white tail deer, as well as some black tailed prairie dogs. Back at the car we loaded up, and stopped at Oskar Blues for some refreshments, and lunch.

Post lunch we headed back to Boulder to hose off, and run errands for Mark to ensure that his Friday night dinner for out of town guests would go off without a hitch. This included picking up some mind lubricant from the Redfish (more on the Redfish later).

Old faces and many new ones

After my arrival at DIA the Supershuttle whisked me off to Bob and Linda's house. Here I would meet the youngest cousins of the Rose clan, Jada, and Autumn. Jada just turned three years old, and Autumn is thirteen months old. Autumn and I got along great at the dinner table. Like me she savors her food, so there we sat for almost an hour indulging in Bobby's Yellow Curry.
Post dinner there was some time for play before Bobby was to drop me off at the Mountain Sun.

I walked into the Mountain Sun with bags in hand to be greeted by Klink and Noreen, followed by introductions to Cousin Patty and Cousin Mare, who disappointingly were on their way out the door. It was at this very point that my head began swimming with additional introductions to people. I immediately set to work in an attempt to process all these names and faces for future reference over the course of the weekend. This would be no easy task. Klink and I had a chance to catch up and formulate a game plan for Friday's bike ride at Hall Ranch. He assured me that it would be low key, and they would take it easy on my sea-level lungs. After several beers, Noreen dropped me off at Brian's house where I would be setting up my temporary housing with the Jamison brothers for the weekend.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I wish I was a headlight on a northbound train.

I'm headed to Boulder this weekend for Klink and Noreen's wedding. It should prove to be a hoot! It's been five years since my last trip to Boulder. The only disappointing thing about Colorado, is having to leave. Flying out Thursday morning and returning Sunday night.
Needless to say I traded my third row seats for Medeski, Martin, Wood, and Scofield to Michael for dinner at his place.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Invest in the happiness you can create.

Inspiring bit of wisdom isn't it?