Friday, November 10, 2006

Old faces and many new ones

After my arrival at DIA the Supershuttle whisked me off to Bob and Linda's house. Here I would meet the youngest cousins of the Rose clan, Jada, and Autumn. Jada just turned three years old, and Autumn is thirteen months old. Autumn and I got along great at the dinner table. Like me she savors her food, so there we sat for almost an hour indulging in Bobby's Yellow Curry.
Post dinner there was some time for play before Bobby was to drop me off at the Mountain Sun.

I walked into the Mountain Sun with bags in hand to be greeted by Klink and Noreen, followed by introductions to Cousin Patty and Cousin Mare, who disappointingly were on their way out the door. It was at this very point that my head began swimming with additional introductions to people. I immediately set to work in an attempt to process all these names and faces for future reference over the course of the weekend. This would be no easy task. Klink and I had a chance to catch up and formulate a game plan for Friday's bike ride at Hall Ranch. He assured me that it would be low key, and they would take it easy on my sea-level lungs. After several beers, Noreen dropped me off at Brian's house where I would be setting up my temporary housing with the Jamison brothers for the weekend.

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