Friday, November 17, 2006

Let's make some beer!

I'll freely admit I have been somewhat off the radar as far as my original intent of documenting mostly beer related stuff on this blog. It's all good, since it's my soap box I'll broadcast whatever I see fit.
Iz will be out of town attending a workshop for the entire weekend so aside from a trip to the Montshire Museum the girls and I will attempt another go at the California Common. Yes, my little assistants will be involved in brewing up 10 gallons of pure bliss hopped all the way through with Northern Brewers Hops! The Piney/raisiny taste and aroma has me salivating for one right now.


Video X said...

Shew! I just wreaked havoc on an old post of yours...all kinds of confusion on my part. My reader identified an August post as "new." What a mess. I've recovered now.

Yes...write whatever you want. It's all good!

Have fun this wkend!

Saul Groovy said...

So that your science project will go smoothly this weekend, I am chucking down a malt beverage right now as a tribute to the beer gods (or goddesses as the case may be).

Have fun.