Saturday, November 11, 2006

Friday Night- The Masonic Temple & The Boulderado

We dropped off the libation from Redfish at the Temple, and headed to some crunchy hippy overpriced supermarket to pickup the raw materials to make breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning. Brian's state of the art kitchen complete with a Wolf range and Convection oven was too inviting for me to pass up. Upon returning to Brian's house at 6:00pm we found Rat still in his Pajamas. I guess the combination of flying first class, and elevation mixed with plenty of alcohol took it's toll on him. Mouse and I enjoyed a the Hot tub and then it was off to the Temple for spaghetti dinner.

This dinner for out of town guests set the stage for the wedding party that was to take place on Saturday afternoon. It was great to see Klink's relatives, as well as meet Noreen's friends and family members. The energy flowing in and around the temple was amazing, so much love & joy for this special couple. Post dinner included a trip to the Corner bar at the Boulderado Hotel providing all of us a chance to get to know each other a little better.

A trip to the men's room revealed the ceiling in the lobby of the Boulderado. I remarked to one of Noreen's relatives that the design was truly captivating, so simple in design, yet somehow as mesmerizing as the ceiling of the Buckstaff bathhouse. Mouse, Klink and I would later find ourselves sitting in the lobby in cushy leather chairs under the cantilevered cherry staircase sipping bourbon, staring at the ceiling while reminiscing of days gone by. We eventually hailed Mark a taxi and sent him off to his hotel while Mouse and I retired back to Brian's house for some rest.

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