Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The sky is clearing

Monday night was rather relaxing. I bailed out of work and headed home to pick up my things for the night as well as the stuff needed for the yoga class.
It was the first time I had actually done yoga, aside from my sisters living room when she was going thru her training. It was a challenging and exhaustive experience, yet relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. I found that it required me remain focused otherwise I may end up falling on my tail. I enjoyed it enough to consider participating in a yoga lass a few times a month.
Cynthia and I had dinner at the Thai place next to Pliny park. Both of us remarking that we never get to spend quality time like this together. We got to catch up, and talk about relationship dynamics and the hard work that is involved in order to make it work. We share similar ideologies, and that coupled with her life experiences has helped me in moving thru this tough time.

I'm making dinner tonight for some of the folks on Highland Ave. Murph is in Santa Barbara on business this week, so I'm feeding Tara and Liam. Brian's children are visiting today, and he's still recovering from Lyme disease, so I volunteered to make dinner for them. Lasagna is on the menu for tonght. I can't wait to see my family on Wednesday. They truly brighten my days.


normiekins said...

mmmmmm lasagne........have a great time!!!!

Video X said...

yay! glad to hear had a nice dinner!

oh wow...yoga...something i could never relax/chill out/unspaz enough to even consider doing. i do realize that is a terribly ridiculous thing to say....but it's just kinda like that. nor am i at all flexible enough.

more power to you for being able to do it! i thought it was hard.