Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Black ice. It must be Winter!

Seems that Winter never really settles in for me until we get a few snow storms under our belt, and I get witness vehicles sailing off the road before my very eyes. It snowed last Saturday, and we got about an inch in town. Right, Whoopee.
This morning on my commute to the office some flatlanders from Maryland zipped by me on the interstate. They seemed to be in control of their vehicle until I saw the brake lights, then that tell tale swerve, followed by them over compensating, and breaking at 75 miles an hour on the black ice. They didn't quite do a donut, but they did get entirely sideways. The driver trying to recover turned the wheel hard in the opposite direction, and almost pulled out of it, but made that crucial mistake of laying on the brakes again, and that's when they crashed off the left side of the passing lane, into the median. Lucky for them the didn't flip, the car came to a rest in the dirt and snow between the north and southbound lanes of 91. I eased off the gas, slowing down and watching all of this unfold before my very eyes. It is always a surreal experience to see vehicles crashing around me as I'm driving down the highway. The irony of all this, is that the fire department and State police were already dealing with another wrecked car almost 100 meters south of where this jeep crashed. Drive safely out there. life is not a video game.

I continue to grieve daily, and wonder where the hell my life is taking me. I'd like to think all is well, but I'm not so sure. Skiing and my children seem to provide the only distraction from falling deeper into more sadness, and pain.

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