Monday, January 15, 2007

Impromptu pizza party

Distractions, Distractions. Well the Eagles lost Saturday night, shattering their hopes for another visit to the super bowl. They made it a heck of a lot further then I thought they would after Mcnabb's injury laid him up for the rest of the season.
A call from Eve with an invitation to watch the Pat's game at her parents house on Sunday afternoon prompted me to suggest and put the wheels in motion to watch the game at my house. After all, I do have this enormous 52 inch television that came out of my Grammy's house after she passed away a few years ago. Why not watch the game on the bog screen? My quiet evening of watching football with the girls would turn into an impromptu pizza party. Eve and Michel, Henry and Rachael, and then all the children, err....Girls Five of them to be exact. Olivia didn't make it but it was still a house full of young girls running around having a good old time while us adults munched on homemade pizza, and beer. Oh and the desert, yes one cannot forget Eve's sinfully delicious chocolate raspberry squares. So Heavenly.
All is well.

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