Thursday, January 18, 2007

Preperations for the weekend.

I'm getting all my gear together for Saturday. Trout has been providing weather updates, and forecasts daily. We have been discussing how the weather may play out this weekend. With any luck perhaps a little snow may keep the temps on the warmer side. The unknown variable concerning any snow squalls in the area could be the difference between .5 inches, and seven inches. Hiking in the snow can be allot of fun, hiking in the wind can be a PITA. The other concern is the wind. Forecasts are for wind speeds of 20-25 mph out of the north. I don't know how psyched I am to have that blowing in my face all day.
Murph has a fly that he is going to lend me to set up in the shelter. It's a free standing fly that I'm planning on using to trap in some heat, and some extra, and shelter from the wind.
Trout and Bo have volunteered to join me to the summit of Bald Mtn. I'll use this initial stretch of the trip to gauge whether or not I want to carry on if the weather is too gnarly.

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