Monday, January 29, 2007

Recovery, blogging, and Ben Harper

Despite Friday's disaster with my laptop, I managed to actually stay busy at the office all day with minimal distractions. Enough shop talk. I try to avoid talking about work if at all possible. It's not that I don't enjoy my work, I'd simply rather engage in more interesting topics like beer, cycling, or winter sports. Lately I have been sharing some aspects of my most intimate relationships and the many emotions that come with them.

I'm doing okay most days, managing to get thru each day 24 hours at a time. Some days are better then others. The past 9 months of my life feel like a Ben Harper song. Pick one, any one cause it seems so many of them ring true to some aspect regarding my life experiences in the past 9 months. I even had a dream recently that Ben Harper was a close friend of mine, and he kept coming to me for ideas on new material.
BTW- Finnie was our special suprise guest for dinner last Thursday! Finnnnnie.

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