Monday, February 05, 2007

Slightly worn out from the weekend

It all started with driving to a 50th birthday party in a blinding snow storm on Friday night, I exhausted all of my homebrew for the party goers. I only got to enjoy discussing the redeeming qualities of this beer with fellow party goers as, I was designated driver for the evening. With that said it's time to start brewing again.
Saturday involved another birthday party, only this one was a surprise 30th birthday party for my friend Heath. This bash started at 6:00 pm. Needless to say I had my swerve on by 9:00 PM. This party involved A barn, allot of Red wine, a bonfire, Josh A and Daq sighting, as well as some big cones. Iz and I made it home safely (just barely).
Sunday's Stupidbowl party was by far the most low key event of the weekend. The game was marginally exciting, while the food and beer was extraordinary. My tail was dragging this morning.
BTW way Manzo never showed. He called and gave some story about being ill.

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