Friday, March 02, 2007

Classic New England Storm Today

Today in Vermont we are enjoying a classic New England snowstorm. This came complete with snow, sleet, freezinain, and just plain old rain. I checked in with my friends over at the summit of Mt. Snow this morning and they reported 12 inches of pow-pow. When I called around three pm It was reported to be raining, and everything was icing over, READ: hard and nasty. It should be switching back to all snow in the next couple hours, so with some creative grooming everything should be in good shape for the weekend, except the woods!!!
It's raining now so I'm bailing out of work early to get home before it switches back to freezing rain then snow. Enjoy your weekend, I know I'll be ripping it up on the slopes, and in the backcountry over the next few days.
I friggin love for this kind of weather.

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