Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring skiing with Winty

Winty and I headed over to Mt. Snow today for some fine homestyle spring skiing, complete with mashed potatoes, and a dummy downhill. This was Winter's fourth day out this season. We may get one more day in before the mountain closes. Who knows maybe we'll make the trip to Killington for some late April fun if time permits. Anyway this will be her final season in the harness. Next year she's off to Snow Camp for the learning experience of a lifetime. I think I have been able to give her the taste she needed to get hooked on this wonderful sport. Next season, Grace will be carving up big turns with the purple/pink harness.
Despite her inability to make the Pizza wedge it was a terrific morning complete with some nice turns. No Manzo sightings this weekend, but I did run into his brother Scott, friend Lanna, and Lanna's son Nikita before cashing it in and heading over to watch the dummy downhill and meet up with Iz and Grace. Did I mention it snowed another 3 inches at the mountain last night? Winter just can't seem to let go, and I'm okay with that.

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