Monday, April 02, 2007

More Beer

I blew off the ski patrol party, and blew off making beer Saturday night. Heck I even blew off working ski Patrol Sunday. I enjoyed the entire weekend with the family. I'll be brewing up some beer tonight. Tonights brewing session will consist of a new beer. I'm going to be brewing Warrior Red Ale. As it turns out I ran out of Crystal malt, so I'm going to use 1% chocolate malt in hopes to get the color I'm looking for. We'll see what happens. after tonight's brew I'll have 30 gallons of beer in fermenters, and another 10-15 gallons on tap. The American Pilsner I brewed in February has turned out quite nicely despite my initial hesitations about the taste of this beer. I think I'm going to try and save a keg of this for later on in the summer.

On a side note, Iz and I had a fabulous date last night at the Sierra Grille which hosted the Rogue beer dinner. The food was sumptuous and the beer heavenly.


Saul Groovy said...

I love beer

phatluv said...

the patrol party missed you.

what's the situation on tucks? next weekend?