Thursday, May 24, 2007

The fine art of commuting & it's delicate dance

In an effort to save money, and reduce my carbon footprint, I have been searching for over a year to find someone that I could share my ride to work. Thanks to Upper Valley Rideshare it has finally come to fruition. Not only do I have one person to share the ride with, there are two people that I will be commuting with at least one day a week. This is very cool, and cost effective too.
Taking it one step further, I have also started to commute home on my bicycle two days a week. A part of my past has finally been resurrected. As some of you may very well know, before Isabel and I had children I was an avid cycling enthusiast spending a great deal of my free time riding and racing mountain bikes. The impact surrounding the birth of our first child greatly impacted my riding. While some could argue that one could simply rearrange their priorities and fit cycling in, I opted out of that one and decided that being a parent was going to take precedence. So here we are almost five years later, and I'm going to be out on my bike, riding at least twice a week. Life is good, although my coworkers think I'm gay because I'm so enthusiastic all of this.

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Saul Groovy said...

No, they think you are gay because of that hot pink spandex get up and the faux leopard helmet cover. Ride on.