Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I need to check my math

Ten gallons of Pale were brewed in the basement brewery last night. I missed the target gravity by about fifty miles. I'll need to re-check my math and see if I missed somewhere in the calculations. Here are a few other places where I may not have paid close enough attention.
  1. The Profile. I am still tweaking the grain bill to match the efficiency of the new mill.
  2. The Grist. I am going to need to really get this dialed. Last time I brewed, I ran the malt thru twice, and nailed the gravity. This time I only ran it thru once.
  3. The Lauter. I was busy eating dinner, and chatting with my In-laws, and not really paying that close attention to it. I may need to DIY a sparge arm or something to mechanize it a bit to increase efficiency.
My target gravity was 1.054, actual gravity was 1.040. I'd probably get fired in a commercial brewery for missing the mark by .014. Screw that, I'm not doing the math to see how badly I screwed up. Back to the drawing board. If this ferments out quickly enough, I'm making more beer this weekend.


Saul Groovy said...

Next thing you know you are going to be walking around with your shoes untied or running with scissors or something!

Video X said...

.014 seems like so litte. YET it's a lot if one gets pulled over for DUI!