Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pull over I'm going to boot

Saturday night was an absolute hoot aside from my impending case of acute alcohol poisoning. Iz was tired so Gibson and I dropped her off back at the inn at 9:00pm . We then returned to Connie's house to enjoy copious amounts of Yuengling lager. This would prove to be the beginning of my downfall. After most of the party cleared out Connie, Stin, Gibson, Tara and myself enjoyed a few more beers before Tara gave me a ride back to the inn.
I clearly had enough to drink, however for some reason when I returned to the inn I was compelled to enjoy a hot tub and a Storm King stout. Apparently this was going to be the straw that was going to break the proverbial camel's back. The hot tub, a 9.1% beer, and being inadequately hydrated would prove to be a recipe for disaster. I awoke with a slight hangover that got exponentially worse as the day grew on. This would eventually culminate with me booting in the grass at a rest are on the Sawmill Parkway Sunday afternoon. A hard lesson was relearned on the day before my birthday.

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