Sunday, May 20, 2007

What is Glibbidy doing in my living room?

This is was Connie's initial reaction when he walked into his living room Saturday evening. Needless to say he was suprised. I haven't seen this guy since Austin's wedding in 2002. Woah, how time flies. We got to see some familiar faces from days gone by. It was a treat. Heck, just getting out of town for the weekend without the children was the highlight of the weekend.
On the way down to Malvern we stopped in Bethlehem at the local Homebrew store so I could pickup supplies to make a few Belgian knock-offs, and some more lager beer. Ummmm lager.
We then made our way down to Victory brewing company for a snack and some samples before going to the bash. There is nothing like a Golden Monkey right from the source!

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