Thursday, June 21, 2007

Happy Solstice!

The family checked out Friday and headed up to South Bristol, Maine for the week. We brought my mother along. My in-laws will also be joining us for a few days. This has been a very fun week. We checked out the grand opening of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens down in Boothbay which is a must see for anyone visiting the area. Grace and my mom also enjoyed their first whale watch on Monday. The highlight of the watch was seeing a Minke Whale.

It's been a fun filled family style week of Beach, Sun, Water, Beer, Lobster, and some limited cycling. I'm enjoying some Hugh Malone as I blog today. More lobstah tonight!

We had our date night on Wednesday. Last week before our trip Michael and Beth had recommended Primo which is in Rockland. We didn't feel up for the drive so instead we decided to check out a new place in Damariscotta that opened last August. It's called 74 Main and it was as good as the Sierra Grille down in Northampton.

This morning we hit the beach from 10 to 1. Hot and sunny, but with the water temps at 55f, I refrained from going under all the way. Maybe I'll go under tomorrow.

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Saul Groovy said...

What are you doing having so much fun Old Salt? Enjoy me matey.