Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I thought the full moon was this weekend?

My sister hosted a family dinner at her house last night. Little did we know that we would be treated to a very rare astronomical phenomena of a full moon nearly five days ahead of the scheduled full moon this month.

As we were rounding the corner and heading up Oak St. the fellow on the bicycle pictured on the left was also rounding the corner onto Oak from the opposite side At first I thought the guy was just riding topless, but with closer examination, I observed that he was clearly naked, except for his helmet, sunglasses, and cycling shoes. I cheered him on as we walked up the street, then realized that my camera was in my bag. I took advantage of this Brattleboro phenomena and decided to get some footage. Here is a shot of the naked cyclist that rides through town during the summer.
I wonder if he is the Lanterne Rouge from last
years naked crit ?


Brian said...

Mo fo's on the wrong side of the road too.

Saul Groovy said...

Sorry that I was in town and did not stop to say hello, was starting to catch a chill