Thursday, July 19, 2007

Up like Elk

I awoke this morning at 4:50 am and found myself unable to fall back asleep. I emerged bleary eyed from bed and headed off to the kitchen to make some coffee. I considered a run this morning but opted out being optimistic that it's not going to storm today and I'll be able to fit in my bicycle commute home today.
Grinding coffee beans at five in the morning brought me back to the good old days when I lived with Elk. He'd be up before the crack of dawn grinding beans for coffee, and making snorting noises while clearing his sinus' of the pollen du jour. Often he would sound like a herd of elk in a china shop early in the AM, but I chalk it up to him merely inviting the morning twilight into our apartment. He made a great alarm clock.
I'm off to Fenway Friday night if the weather holds out.


Saul Groovy said...

That is so darn funny as I have memories of being up there for races and the two of you being up before me grinding coffee beans and schnotting incessantly. I do not grind coffee beans as I get it ground because I am lazy or maybe it is because I have relegated my coffee grinder to turning wonderfully smoked and dried peppers into powder - but I digress - I do however schnot all over the house and think of you both all the while.

airing out said...

This is funny... I now get to listen to all the snorting during Elk's wake up time. I still consider to be *the middle of the night!*.