Thursday, August 02, 2007

Date night rules

My loving sister took the girls to Spofford last night for a picnic so Iz and I had a date last night. It was an awesome time. We tried to go to Alici's Bistro, but they were closed so we ended up eating Sushi at Shin La. After dinner we stopped by Flat street for a beer, and topped the night off at Mcneill's. We really enjoyed ourselves. It was great to just kick back and relax without the children for a change. I made the gross error in judgment by tapping an Imperial IPA for myself when I got home. This beer is some high octane no nonsense stuff that requires handling with care. I was foolhardy and am certainly paying for it today.
B and I are doing a little tag team brew session today. I measured up everything earlier this week and mashed in at 6:50 this morning. He came by and is going to do the sparge, lauter, boil, and hop additions. How excellent is that?

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