Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A call from the Kingdom, and a trip to the Palace

I spoke with Jay DeJesus last night. He was checking in from the Northeast Kingdom. This immediately brought back images of such great trails as Cupcake, Poundcake, Dead Moose Alley, Widow-maker, River Run, and East Branch. I honestly have not been up there in a few years. In fact I think my last trip up there was before we had children. This got me thinking it might be nice to do an overnighter to the Kingdom for some buff singletrack. Besides, I haven't even been on my mountain bike this year, that is unless you count that trip to the brewery a few weeks ago.
I digress... It was great to catch up with Jay. I had an opportunity to chat with him up at Mt. Snow during the USA cycling championships, and it was great to see him, Alive and well no less!

He has once again expressed his desire to leave the the Lehigh Valley and move back up to bucolic Vermont. It sure would be great to have him as a neighbor again. I promise this time around we will get together and make some turns.

Michael Fuller and I are headed over to the Palace Theater tonight to see Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, but before that we are going to meet up with Roddy at McGeary's Pub for some Yuengling and wings.

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