Thursday, September 20, 2007

More brewing & some commuting.

I have been trying to dial in the setting on my mill lately, and finally believe that I have reached a point where I'm happy with my efficiency. I have kept the mill settings the same for the past few beers, and for the last two beers I brewed, I kept the same grist. I'm planning a final brew with the same grist as the two previous beers this weekend. I'm going to make an IPA and I'm working on the hop profile right now.
My target gravity was 1.056 for all these beers, and if I get within the range 1.054-1.058 I'll be satisfied with the mill setting, and will move on to switching back up my recipes, and working on some different styles. I picked up a sixer of the Lagunitas Pils lately and that really got me wanting to make my Bohemian Pilzner, which has become one of my signature beers which I try to keep in rotation along with the California Common, and my House Pale ale.

I'm commuting via bicycle over to Suzanne and Astrid's today while the rest of the family is taking the car up to their house so we can have dinner together. I'm psyched for a great ride, beautiful weather, and fabulous terrain.

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