Thursday, October 25, 2007

Busy in the brewery

Last night I racked 5 gallons of the blended 3CPIPA & Simcoe Ale to a log for conditioning. The beer turned out be a brilliant burnt orange color, and tasted pretty goodo. I'm finally getting used to that guava, pineapple taste of the Simcoe hops. While I have had some very good commercial examples that have generous portions of Simcoe included in the hop schedule, I'm personally not sold yet on using this hop in my brewery just yet. As a result, the Simcoe experiments will continue, just not this week.
I am postponing the Alt by a week, and instead I'm going ahead with the Bohemian Pilzner this weekend. I should have a pitchable starter ready for this by Saturday at the latest. In turn I'll need to culture some yeast from this brew when I rack it since I clearly do not have enough space in my lager chamber for more than 10 gallons of beer at time. Looks like I need to start looking for a walk in.

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