Friday, November 30, 2007

Brewhouse Flexibility

How is it that life usually seems to get in the way of my brew plans? Last nights brew got sidelined due to the fact that I found out at 4:00 PM Thursday that I would need to make an unscheduled trip up to our Winooski office Friday morning to meet up with our engineers to coordinate deployment of our new soft switch which happened to arrive four days ahead of schedule. You are probably asking yourself, What the hell does this have to do with making beer?
In a nut shell: Timing.
I would have started running around like a madman as soon as I got home from the office last night. It wouldn't have ended until sometime Saturday afternoon between my other obligations. As a result I have pushed back the brew to Saturday when I will have a relaxing opportunity to spend some time down in the brewery. Brian stopped by last night so we did manage get the Alt and Stout racked. He also completed an updated Hops inventory. Three out of five is pretty good. Not to self: Get more hops!
So as it turns out my trip to Winooski got derailed this morning, and I'll now be headed up Tuesday. The upside to all this is that managed to get my ipod working again in anticipation for the car ride North.
Life is funny.

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