Thursday, November 15, 2007

Operation: shoal the vessels.

My brewery is approaching maximum capacity. With continued hard work I may achieve this goal and actually build up an incredible stock of beer. In fact in order for me to actually reach maximum capacity, I would actually need to scale back on my next batch, otherwise I'll be beyond my maximum capacity for fermentation. With that said I really could use another carboy, since I destroyed one by accident back in April. Please contact me if you would like to sponsor my brewery and have a five or six gallon carboy shipped directly to me.
I plan on lagering at least ten gallons of beer for en extended period of time, and put that stock in the basement of my friends brewery along with the Imperial Stout and Imperial Red that I brewed earlier this year.
Ultimately my plan is to have at least four kegs in cold conditioning at any given time to have stock to pull from.
Oh yeah, and feel free to click on those ad's up there. I installed ad-sense to see if I can muster up cash for brewery equipment.

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