Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Solo Parenting Success

Iz's ride fell through so I had to go down to Hartford to pick her up at the airport last night. I left the girls in Greenfield with my in-laws and we all stayed there last night. Needless to say my little tail is dragging this morning.
I managed to make it a whole week solo with the girls while Iz was on vacation in Seattle last week visiting our friends Jen and Nick. I want to thank my most excellent friends that helped out this week in helping me keep it together. In retrospect I am quite pleased with the results of this solo parenting adventure. I have garnered a new perspective on what it means to be a solo parent. I say solo, because that's what it is, no one else to rely on. Really! As mentioned in last week, it was an absolute mountain of work to organize, manage, and execute with any success.
Obviously there are many different paradigms for parenting, so here are four thumbs up to those that are doing it all by themselves without any outside support.

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