Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Semi-sleepless night

I have fermentation on the brain. All I could think about last night was coming up with ideas on reaching maximum capacity.
The new fermenter has raised the bar for my goal to reach maximum capacity in the brewery and I have been scheming ways of getting all the vessels shoaled. Ideally, I would like to brew the doppelbock that has been in the design phase for the past few days. The recipe is near completion. The only thing really holding me back is space. I simply don't have any room to make lagers right now.
Perhaps I'll go with making a Canadian style Golden ale. I brewed one a few years ago that turned out pretty well. Maybe it's time to get off my lazy bottom, and take the leap at getting that Belgian in the books. That just may be the ticket in taking this fermenter for it's maiden voyage. Whatever goes in there is going to tie up the fermenter for a least a month.
Any other ideas?

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