Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Amber Rye IPA Hybrid

Iz and the girls decided to go to Chelmsford on Monday to visit her sister. They would ultimatley surprise their cousin Buddy. I seized the opportunity by going directly to the basement after work. After a month off, I finally got a brew in the fermenator last night. I had been planning on making a Rye IPA. For some reason I had 1% chocolate malt included in the grist, so as a result the beer is more of an amber color then that of a true pale ale. I seem to be blurring the BJCP guidelines a bit these days, but what they heck I'm an alchemist and I deserve to do my own product development.

The original gravity rung in at 1.060 which was slightly short of my target gravity (1.062). Close enough for a basement hack. This was my first experiment with Rye. I plan on monitoring this beer closely to see how it turns out. I'd be very pleased to come up with yet another arrow for my brewing quiver.

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