Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Boston Museum of Science

Winter is off from school this week. I took some time off this week to hang out with Winty and provide Iz an opportunity to get some work done at her office. Monday night we headed down to Chelmsford and stayed with my sister-in-law. This made for a quick strike into Boston on Tuesday. We took the Commuter line into North Station and then the Green Line to Science park. The children enjoyed riding the trains.
Rosey, Little O, Maya, Grace, Winty and myself met up with cousin Brad at the Museum of Science for some big science fun. There was a great snake and reptile exhibit which opened up on February 17th featuring the largest display of Reptiles in New England. The Kids also enjoyed the the mock-up of the Apollo command module, the dinosaurs, and, and various other wonderments in the museum.

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