Friday, June 20, 2008

Gile Mountain Loop- Blue Ribbon Trail

Friday morning Mattie and I had plans to meet the weasel in Norwich to ride the blue ribbon trail. Iz arranged a play date for Grace with some friends in Norwich.
We rolled out at 10:30 for Norwich. I dropped Grace off, and we met up with the crusty weasel and his friend Jim. We commenced the ride, and some very nice suffering, and singletrack. Matt was looking somewhat green and ended up booting on the climb. It must have been that "How about a nice greasy pork sandwich served in a dirty ashtray" comment that sent him over the edge.
We enjoyed two hours of singltrack bliss, with a nice easy spin back to the car.
Maybe you had too much to fast?


mtuckerb said...

That looks like a pretty sweet ride. I liked the fact that you end on Tucker Hill Road. Fun. Was it mostly ridge riding? Doesn't look like much more than 300' gain there in the beginning. Then a couple of bumps. That's my kinda ride. Maybe I should bring both bikes out. Decisions decisions.

mattrides said...

maybe the roller coaster of a trail is what made me waayyyy green... very fun descent.