Thursday, June 26, 2008

Three Carbouys in Less then Thirty Days

It happened again last night. Another carbouy bit the dust. B was racking the Hefeweizen to final packaging and was preparing a five gallon carbouy as a precaution to deal with any excess volume issues. Well there were no volume issues, but while he was cleaning the carbouy it slipped and broke. Funny how glass and water always win. I'm now down to four
He cut himself pretty good. Luckily no stitches required.

The Saison fell slightly short of the target gravity, but landed well within range for the style. It came in at 1.063. We are going to ferment it on the high side with hopes to produce some nice esters from the WLP 565 yeast that we used. Due to it's relatively moderate rate of attenuation It will likely sit in primary fermentation for around three weeks and then get finished off with a dose of WLP 550 to dry it out.
Due to warm temps and capacity issues this will likely be the last brew for a few weeks.


Zachary said...

I used Wyyeast Biere De Garde for my Saison, and I got really great attenuation. I have yet to sample the beer, but that day is coming soon. I've heard great things about the seasonal yeast strains, and I'm excited to sample this Saison. I've actually never tried a commercial example of this style before, and I wanted to brew something that I hadn't tried yet. I love your blog, keep up the good work!

Saul Good said...

If ever there was a call for some grippy rubber gloves - me thinks it might be now before y'all have no more carbouys and no more fingers