Thursday, August 24, 2006

Lagering some Lager

I have moved full on into making lagers beers this summer. Since I finally got my other refrigerator into the basement, I now have room for lagering. Presently I have ten gallons of Bohemian Pilzner lagering away in my basement. On tap in the Brew Lab we are enjoying a Sam Smith's Taddy Porter Clone, Rhode Island Red (Old Ale), and my Comedy of Errors Belgian Golden Style Ale. Yum.

Next on tap, naturally brewing more beer, but between juggling the aspects of daily life, and our current social engagements for this weekend it will likley be Labor day weekend before the fermenters start filling up again. Did I mention Melanie and Jason are getting married? How exciting is that.

You know I'll love her till the day I die.


normiekins said...

sounds delicious and complicated!!!!.....hey congrats Melanie and Jason!!!

Video X said...

oooooh! YUM!