Tuesday, October 17, 2006

If you want clarity clear the space.

This is great advice. My partner and I are taking a break right now. While I was apprehensive and scared about us giving each other some space (last night seemed to drag on forever due to all the free time) I'm starting to feel better about how seperation can help bring clarity.

Today is starting out as a good day. I feel good about myself today. It feels as if some healing has begun. I see better days ahead, but understand fully that I will most certainly still be exposed the the rollercoaster of emotions to come but I'm ready for it, not looking forward to it, but ready.

Measuring a summers day,
I only finds it slips away to grey,
The hours, they bring me pain.

Tangerine, tangerine,
Living reflection from a dream;
I was her love, she was my queen,
And now a thousand years between.

Thinking how it used to be,
Does she still remember times like these?
To think of us again?
And I do.


normiekins said...

good luck glib ...... time brings answers.

Video X said...

oh sad :( I wish sometimes that everything could just be fine!

ugh...that roller coaster is always such a bumpy ride! but at least it always stops eventually.