Friday, December 08, 2006

Finally snow!

Well there is finally some snow on the ground up here. None in town, but I heard 6-8 inches fell over in the Deerfield Valley last night, and the ground was white for the bus ride to work today. With any luck perhaps I'll get out for some turns on Sunday. Oh sweet carving turns on corduroy is what I crave right now.
Yes, I'm back on the bus, as the Honda is getting serviced, and well I needed a ride to work. The high school kids on the bus crack me up. This morning, they had me grinning as they sang "Build me up buttercup".
I'm going solo parenting for most of the weekend. Winty has been under the weather so it's looking like it might be pretty low-key. Perhaps we'll pull out the paint and practice some cubism this weekend, or maybe head to Trout's for a painting playdate.

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