Monday, February 26, 2007

Fighting it off

It's Monday, and I have been fighting off sickness since Friday night. I'm taking the day off today, and enjoying some much needed downtime. Iz is off visiting the Miller's in Groton, CT. They are getting ready for their big move to Seattle on St. Phatty's day. So it could be awhile until we see them again.
I was feeling a little sick Friday night, and seemed to recover Saturday morning only to start feeling icky again on Saturday evening after working at the mountain all day. Same thing Sunday, felt fine in the am, and then as the evening wore on I felt worse. I'm totally laying low today except maybe for my sister's yoga class, which may actually help matters. Funny thing is before we had children I never used to get sick other then a head cold every once in awhile. Now I usually lose one or two days a year to being sick other then sick in the head, which is ongoing. I did start the taxes today.

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