Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter, a birthday, and one casualty.

The Easter Bunny paid a visit this weekend and stashed some eggs about the house and neighborhood. What a delight to see Bud, Winty, and Gracer scampering about searching for eggs in the snow. This squirrel also got in on the actions and secured a few eggs for his nest.

We enjoyed a fabulous dinner on Sunday complete with a ham. My sister Pammy and Carl showed up along with most of the Rose Family. Hank missed the train, so he was left behind.
I baked a flour-less chocolate cake complete with raspberry sauce to celebrate Pam's Birthday. Happy Birthday Pammy!
After everyone left I retreated to the basement to rack beer. I narrowly escaped injury when I dropped a six gallon carbouy full of water and sanitizing solution on the floor in the basement. The carbouy shattered into a million pieces. At least the basement floor is sanitized. Why, yes I did have my swerve on just in case anyone was wondering.

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