Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuckermans on the Horizon

Do you have your ticket yet? The window for the annual Tuckermans Hajj is opening. Are you going to be joining us for the most extreme skiing in the East? Presently we have an expedition team of seven people comprised of skiers, pinheads, snowboarders, and one sherpa who has agreed to schlep up the beer and an inflatable for riding over the headwall.

Our first opportunity for departure is Sunday April 15th. With present weather conditions this departure date may pass us due to a combination of moderate/high avalanche warnings, snow or rain in the forecast, and possible rain next Monday-Tuesday. I'll be watching the Hydrometeorological discussions as well as checking in with Trout for weather updates.
Stay posted for additional information and reports here. Some really great news is that the Sherburne trail is open from top to bottom!

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