Friday, June 29, 2007

Feeling Surly

I'm not usually like this, but today I am feeling awfully surly. Perhaps it may have something to do with staying up late last night carrying on with Iz and Patty, or maybe it was the combination of homebrew and old chub? At any rate I will plan on doing my best to avoid those people that have a tendency to push my buttons.
Due to last weekends SNAFU in the brewery I will be making another Imperial Stout this weekend. This beer will then be blended with last weeks Imperial Stout to make a total of 20 gallons. With any luck this will make something more drinkable, and enjoyable for mid-Winter. I'll also be bottling around 7 cases of this stuff. Bottling can be a PITA, but in this case it will be well worth it.
Matthew Fleming is working his way through the Northeast next week, complete with a stop at our house. It will be great to see Matthew again. Maybe I'll even send him off with some beer for Art.
I'm also sending that old black shogun twelve speed with Shimano 600 components off to Slockwoo. She will be the proud new sponsor of this timeless bicycle.

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Saul Groovy said...

Glad to hear the Shogun is still going strong and heading off for some new love.