Monday, July 02, 2007

Fixit Imperial Stout

Go huge or go home right? With the help of Brian and Matthew last night I was able to pull off brewing The Fixit Imperial stout which will ultimately be blended with the Mustgo Imperial Stout that was brewed a week ago. I consulted my mentor and we did some math on these beers.
Here is what we came up with
  • Mustgo Imperial Stout- SG 1.055 IBU's 75
  • Fixit Imperial Stout- SG 1.096 IBU's 40
The blended final product will hypothetically have an approximate SG of 1.076, and be around 58 IBU's. Not exactly your over the top delusional hop experience. It will likely be a pretty solid beer however that should age well, and taste pretty darn good despite the lower IBU numbers. I must say that it sure beats the hell out of making a final product that is far to bitter for human consumption. Stay tuned for the hypothetical final ABV for this beer.

I also got some choice pix of Matthew and B in action down in the brewery. They also single handily bottled over four cases of beer. Thanks guys! Wel done.

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