Monday, July 16, 2007

House painting and beer

I started the prep work for my house painting project this past weekend. I haven't painted a house since Hank and Suzanne moved to West Townshend. It hasn't been the least bit exciting. Talk about mundane projects. I'm finding that several clapboards, and some trim is in need of being replaced due to rot. I'm gonna have to call Murph on some tips on replacing these clapboards. Oh the joys of home ownership!

Shouts out to my buddy Brian for lending a hand and being a huge help by helping me scrape the building. Sunday morning we scraped the house and brewed 10 more gallons of the California Common. That yeast was so active that the fermentation started within three hours pf pitching. We overshot the gravity on this baby, as a result it's going to be a strong beer. I figure I am going to need some help to finish this project, so on with the brewing.

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Video X said...

Well if I lived near by i swear i'd help you with the house painting! i'm good for that stuff. i never joke or lie about it (like lots of people do).