Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's hot....real hot

Due to a several scheduling conflicts and meetings my commuting schedule is not working out so well this week. It's bad enough that I had to bail on my ride last Friday due to all the rain, but my trusty Merlin has been couped up in my office all week, and my legs are getting itchy to ride. It's truly amazing how I feel the need to feed my cycling addiction one again. I'm loving it!
It's super hot here in Southern Vermont, relief is on the horizon, and the hot weather may break on Thursday.
The California Common is going ape-shit in the fermenter right now. I may try to fit in a back to back brew session with another ali Common and just pitch on top of the present yeast cake. I'll then have 20 gallons of this fine beer to help me get through these hot summer days. It's amazing, I'm already planning out the rest of my brewing summer, and working on projects for this Fall. There are some exciting beers in the works, so stay tuned.
On a side note I have just started the preparation work to get the house painted this Summer, yet another reason to brew copious amounts of beer. Stay cool and support your local brewery!

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