Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Anniversary

If you asked me last September where I would be in a year, It's very likely that My eyes would have glazed over and I would have given you one of them 1,000 mile stares.... you know like an uber tweaked out middle of the second set between drums and space stare.
I honestly had know idea if if Iz and I were going to make it. I have seen a lot in the past year, and garnered an incredible amount of knowledge about myself, my partner, and what paths we have chosen. Luckily we are both on the same path now.
So we are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary with for Oysters and Mussels from Gillies. We decided to play it low key since we are going to be out of town and child free in West Dover, VT this weekend. LOL!

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Saul Groovy said...

Wowza when it blogs it pours. Congrats on the Anniversary - the beer and last but certainly not least - the Manzo sighting. All big accomplishments.