Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pitching on the cake

Last night as I lay awake in bed, I had visions of brew sessions dancing in my head. Belgian Strong Ales, Saisons, Dopplebocks, and fast fermenters. It's amazing how a change in the season brings about a change in brewing style. Temperature is really affecting my desire to brew beer that requires very little energy, and effort to get it off and fermenting. With these cooler temps, I'm shifting my desire to brew, and I don't mean just any old ale....speaking of any old ale, the Alt is still going apeshit in the basement at 59f. I pulled the Bohemian Pilsener out of the lager chamber to raise it's temperature, and scrub the diacetyl before I send it off to secondary fermentation. We won't be enjoying this sucker until Christmas day.

I finally decided whatever it was that I brewed next, it was going to get pitched on top of one of the yeast cakes I have in the basement right now. I'm really leaning towards a dopplebock despite the fact that my lager chamber is cramped for space.

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