Friday, April 11, 2008

Passive roller failure in the brewery

It rained most of the day today, and Thomas and Co. were bailing out of VT end retreating back to New York. This meant dinner plans would be canceled. This also meant Iz was going to be headed to Chemslford for the night with the girls. I took advantage of this gift from Iz, and seized the opportunity to get brewing in the basement.
It all went according to plan until the passive roller on my mill stopped spinning. I was dead in the water Friday evening with 20 pounds of malt left to run through the mill. Bollocks! I had to remove all the un-milled grain from the hopper, and disassemble the friggin roller assembly. Talk about a major PITA. I broke the roller assembly down, cleaned it, gave it a little lube love, re-assembled it, and it still wouldn't turn.
I ended up backing the rollers out as far as they would go, and tossed a handful of grain into the rollers. It worked! I slowly dialed the spacing between the rollers to .038 and hooked up the power drill. The rollers were now spinning with the drill attachment on the mill. I then put the hopper back on the mill, and finished milling the grist for the next brew. This unforeseen project almost two hours to complete. With this time lost, there was no way I was going to be up until 1:00 AM making beer on a Friday night. Instead I decided that mashing in at 7:00 on Satuday would be a better idea.

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