Sunday, April 13, 2008

Souther Tier Beer Dinner at the Sierra Grille

Iz and I attended the Southern Tier beer dinner tonight at the Sierra Grille. This ended up being a rather spontaneous event for us. I happened to be perusing the Beer Advocate forum last week and noticed that the Sierra Grille was hosting one of their quasi-monthly beer dinners. This month the Souther Tier brewery was being represented.

Until last Wednesday I had never heard of this brewery. Initially my enthusiasm to attend was lukewarm. Then I remembered O'Brian's impeccable tasted for fine food and fabulous beer. This became a no-brainer beer adventure into the unknown. A beer dinner with a host of beers made by a brewery I knew virtually nothing about.
Well the dinner was great. The food was great, and the service extraordinary as usual.
One of the courses included a deviled egg with cheese, and pepperoni. Since I abstain from red meat we decide to have fun with the pepperoni. I present you with shiny happy meat.

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