Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spontaneous HefeWeizen

Winter was home sick for the third day in a row today. Iz was also home for the third day and desperately needed to get into the office to get some work done. I seized the opportunity and left work early to be at home with Winty. I also seized the opportunity to make some beer. Nice Summer beer. So Lickity split, I was mashing in, and brewed up a nice super light wheat beer. With an OG of 1.043 this easy drinker will chime in around 4%. The perfect summer session beer.

I also had a chance to rack the Beach Blonde to final packaging. This is slated to beer I'm taking on vacation for the whole family to enjoy. I moved ~5 gallons of APA to cold conditioning, and ran out of room in the conditioning chamber. Inventory is looking up.

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