Friday, June 13, 2008

I have a brewing problem

It certainly doesn't look like a drinking problem. Seems to me I have more of a brewing problem. I am compelled to brew to maximum capacity. With that said, I have had to make some minor adjustments to the styles I will be brewing in the next few weeks. The temps have jumped to around 73-77 in the basement. This is well beyond the acceptable fermentation range for almost any beer.
As a result I will be making use of my lager chamber. Saturday morning I plan on making some Bohemian Pilsener. Fortunately I can still make lager beers in this heat. The downside is it takes almost three months to complete the process.

There is one style that seems to fair well in with higher fermentation temperatures. This anomaly is the Saison , which is sometimes more commonly know as a farmhouse ale. So with that said as long as the temps in my basement stay above 70f, I'm going to brew some Saison. I'm in the process of growing up some yeast to an acceptable pitching rate, and expect to have my first Saison in primary fermentation sometime next week.

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