Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fermenting another Belgian

Despite several setbacks the Tripel is chugging away happily in the the conical. Today was a rather challenging day in the basement brewery. For the first time in years I grossly missed my strike temperature. I had originally planned on performing an upward infusion mash. My plans were forced to change when my first infusion of the day fell short of it's target. I had intended to mash in the first infusion around 144F. I missed this temp by a mile. It came in at 137F.
This forced me to switch gears and do what I could to get the mash up into to 149-153F range. I missed this target as well, and ended up at 147F. It's at the extreme low end for mash temps. It's also the lowest temp I have ever done a single infusion mash. Fingers crossed that this will be a success.

On a side note I kegged the DIPA and five gallons of AAPA. I harvested several strains of yeast ans cleaned up the brewery. Next weekend it's off to the BBF in Boston, so it's likely I'll be taking a break from filling the mash tun next weekend.

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